Sprite-Midget Club

The Event was held at Elkhart Lake in the summer of 2011. The event is a follow up to the Sprite 50th that was held at Lake of the Ozarks in 2008.  Both events were organized by people that have met on a variety of mailing lists and internet forums.  They were both relatively small 55-75 cars, but they have both been an absolute blast.  Small enough that you do not feel like you get lost, but large enough that there are no shortage of fun people to hang out with.  Events included: Tour of the historic road track, scenic drive through the Kettle Morain, tour of a local cheese factory, tech sessions, tour of Road America Track, Burt Levy guest speaker, static car show, silent auction, drag race (gag event), impromptu parking lot tech sessions, a static car show, and late nights at the historic Seibkins bar among other bars.  It was great fun.  I wish all other spridget owners could have been there.  It was a once in a lifetime experience.

Here are some links submitted by a few of our Presidents.


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